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So, what is business coaching and what do you get?

Business Coaching is a very important part of a business owner’s growth. Most of all, it keeps you accountable so you get the job done.

My methodology toward business coaching revolves around creating trainable systems that will reduce the amount of time you need to work each week.

My goal is to reduce your weekly workload by 2 hours per month.

So if you are currently working a 40 hour week, my job is to ensure that after 3 months you are working 34 hours a week, after 6 months you work 28 hours per week, and after 12 months you work 16 hours a week.

This isn’t about being a lazy business owner – it’s about valuing your time and increasing the value of your business as an asset.

Your investment in your future:

My pricing is a fixed monthly fee of $2,000 including GST – this price is not negotiable, as I only take on 10 clients at any one time.

If you would like to take part in the “Business Coaching Program”, please see below the package inclusions below:



*The face to face meeting can either be at your own office (must be located within 60km of Sydney) or at a location of your convenience. 

During the face-to-face meeting we will establish a plan of attack for how we are going to systemise 2 hours of your workload for that month.

In the 3 follow-up phone meetings, we will track your progress and refine the strategy to implement the training program.

As a value-add, each of my 5 clients clients receive a FREE customised training platform, where they can upload their new training documents and where their staff can access them via a personalised login system.


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